The Challenge

A hygienic plant design is of paramount importance. It minimizes the risk of contamination by pathogens, chemicals, and other unidentified objects, allowing for effective cleaning and disinfection. This is crucial for various applications, including points for the collection and reception of milk, CIP systems, spray dryers, pasteurizers, and compressed air systems. It also applies to production lines for dairy products, milk frothers, condensed milk, and calf milk. But how do you set up a production process hygienically?

The Solution

Creating a hygienic production process involves identifying key elements, following standards and guidelines, and adhering to a standardized HDN Methodology.

First, we identify the key elements of a plant design:

  • Factory layout;
  • Equipment selection and design;
  • Floor and wall structure;
  • Adequate lighting design;
  • HVAC system design;
  • Drainage system;
  • Waste management.

We consider various national and international standards and guidelines for hygienic plant design. The result is a safe and high-quality production process. Additionally, we follow the principles of the Hygienic Design Network (HDN) methodology, which is based on a series of key steps contributing to a hygienic design. We align with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles, which are recognized worldwide as an effective approach for the food industry.

The Result

Designing and implementing a hygienic plant design reduces the risk of contamination. It also enables effective cleaning and disinfection, resulting in a safe and high-quality production process. This is of great importance to our clients and consumers alike.


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