At Jaspers Engineering, we are experts in Piping Engineering. According to recent guidelines, we specify, design, fabricate, install, inspect, test, operate, and maintain every piping system. Our engineers ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable transfer of fluids, gases, and materials. We also take into account pressure and temperature values. All to ensure a safe and reliable production process.

Our Approach

At Jaspers Engineering, we have a structured approach for every service, including Piping Engineering. First, we identify our client’s needs. Then, we determine the expected outcomes, when the client will be satisfied, and what the User Requirement Specifications are. Cleaning requirements are established, and a Hygiene Risk Analysis is conducted.

The client provides specifications and process data. We advise whether this is a good choice or if another material would be better. Component selection is finalized during this phase. Next, the routing of pipes is determined in the 3D package (e.g., Plan 3D). This is essential for placing valves and instruments in the most favorable locations. When doing this, we take safety regulations, hygiene requirements, and the production process into consideration.

In collaboration with us, the client confirms whether the results meet their requirements, possibly using available BIM tools (e.g., Navisworks). Finally, we provide various documents, including:

  • Isometric drawings;
  • Piping plans;
  • Optionally, a Material for Takeoff (MTO).

These documents are used for price inquiries and documenting the piping work, including welding, flanges, and instrumentation.


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More services

  • Skid Design

    At Jaspers Engineering, we create custom Skid Designs. This allows for the quick and efficient installation of complete production systems. Resulting in a smooth and continuous process.

  • Piping Systems Walkdowns

    Analyzing, locating, and recording an installation and its components. This can be done through reverse engineering and 3D scanning. Jaspers Engineering offers advanced engineering solutions with Piping Systems Walkdowns.