Currently, new factories and processes are always designed digitally in 3D. Making connections between existing and new is crucial here. With 3D scanning, we digitize existing locations with great precision. This makes processes more efficiently organized and saves a lot of time.

Our Approach

At Jaspers Engineering, we follow a structured approach for every service. Including 3D scanning. Our engineers use the latest FARO laser scanner. The shape of an object is translated into digital information. We do this with a laser, which measures the distance between the 3D scanner and the object. This applies not only to small objects but also to very large ones. Think of vehicles and even complete buildings. The outcome of this process is a 3D point cloud.

When the digital information is accurate, we duplicate the physical object. We then convert the point cloud into a digital 3D CAD drawing. The 3D scanner is accurate to 1 mm and has no measurement errors. Moreover, the time to measure is faster than alternative methods. We export the digital object to a file format suitable for a 3D computer program.

3D scanning can be used for a variety of purposes. Think of digitizing piping systems and steel structures (Reverse Engineering), pre-calculating standard industry components based on editable catalogs (Process Industry), and checking construction before placement (Virtualization Engineering).


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