A Skid is an installation specifically designed for the process industry. The entire installation is mounted on a sturdy frame, which offers several advantages. For example, the installation process is faster compared to assembling individual components on-site. Ensuring that production operates at a high level.

Our Approach

At Jaspers Engineering, we have a structured approach for every service, including the development of Skid Designs. This process begins with understanding the client’s needs, desired outcomes, and User Requirement Specifications. Cleaning Requirements and Hygiene Risk Analysis are essential considerations in this process. The client specifies the material for the design, and we provide advisory support. The component selection is already determined at this moment.

Jaspers Engineering develops the process system using a 3D package by using Inventor, allowing for the optimal placement of valves and instruments based on safety, hygiene requirements, and the production process. In collaboration with the client, we then confirm whether the outcome meets their expectations, possibly using the available BIM tools (e.g., Navisworks).

Upon mutual satisfaction, various documents are delivered. These include:

  • Engineering drawings and bills of materials;
  • CE documentation;
  • Drawings of the Skid Design, including dimensions (e.g., isometric, 3D, and cross-sectional drawings);
  • Material certificates (3.1 cert.) and documents for applied construction parts;
  • Report on design testing.


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