Information and spatial positioning are of growing importance in the complex world we live in. Our engineers are dedicated to collecting and processing a large amount of information using advanced drawings and simulation programs. This enables informed decision-making for our clients, both personally and professionally.

Our Approach

At Jaspers Engineering, we have a consistent approach for each service, including Surveying & Simulation. It all begins with identifying the client’s needs. What should the scan capture? At what level should it be done? And what is the desired quality?

Based on these agreements, we conduct on-site scanning of the environment with a 3D scanner. We then create renders; digitizing the environment into a point cloud to create a clear overview. We ensure that the output can be used in other programs. Based on the point cloud, an engineering firm can analyze the environment. Which machines can be replaced? What are the diameters of the existing pipes? These renders can also be applied in augmented reality and virtual reality, for example.


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More services

  • Surveying & Simulation

    We process information into drawings and simulations to facilitate informed decision-making. With Surveying & Simulation, we support organizations in gaining insight into complex situations.

  • Process Engineering

    Designing, improving, and analyzing production processes. Always in collaboration with your process technologists. With Process Engineering, your production line becomes even more efficient.